This is the last puppy leaving here for a unknown period of time.

Blue Aylas Diamondback DM out of Diva & Milo ,pictured at 6 weeks of age.

She is at a friends home to become a future showstar and possibly foundation female, my friend is continuing the breedingprogram I once started, so naturally, only the best puppy was an onpition.

My time with the Cane Corso have come to an end. 

Time will tell if I will be back, for sure, the passion and deep intererst in the breed will not leave. My knowledge I gathered during the years will also stay, and all my Corsoo friends all over the world. Without them, I am nothing.

I'll be around, those who know me also know how to contacct me.

If you have a dog from me, naturally I will be here for you and you dog, always <3

Love, Pia

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